The Ultimate Alternative Travel Guide

Bikinifish Adventuring started as a hobby. A blog that I infrequently updated to tell people at home all about my fabulous adventures as a dive instructor traveling the world. 

While living in idyllic places, I realized that people – tourists and travelers – want to be in the know. They want the inside scoop on where to eat and what to do. Many people don’t want to visit the clichéd places listed in travel guides. They want to experience places like locals.

They want to eat at the hole-in-the-wall place with two tables and a broken plastic chair that makes the most authentic local food.

They want to drink the locally brewed drinks and party at that secret spot that only a few know of.

This website is here to give you that. I have sourced information from locals. From business owners and people who live in the places, you want to visit. They have come together to create the ultimate alternative travel guide.

Let the adventuring begin!

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